Chatting: How to start a conversation correctly

A welcoming letter is a very important message. Its purpose is to attract attention and interest. Unfortunately, without having enough practice. It is difficult to get into the bull’s-eye from the first time, especially if you’re a senior. So knowing how to start the conversation will be very useful.

Traditionally, for senior people it is considered that a man should start the conversation, as well as approaching getting acquainted, but today this is treated as a convention, which does not necessarily have to be observed. On the one hand, it’s good: a woman can make a choice without waiting for someone to pay attention. On the other hand, this greatly relaxed the men. If before they made a lot of effort, looking at women’s profiles, now they just go to their account on the dating site and see the letters received from the most active female part of the resource. Read more about why women’s initiative –

It turns out that now a woman simply needs to take the initiative, otherwise she runs the risk of being unseen. Therefore, whether you want it or not, writing a presentation letter is necessary.

What should the presentation letter be like? There are some examples –

This message is a greeting, inviting to further exchange of messages. The main characteristics of this letter are:

  • Appeal by name. Faceless messages are usually not perceived and very quickly sent to the trash.
  • Semi-style writing style.
  • Small volume. Follow the several suggestions. It is not necessary to spread all your biography in the first message. If you manage to interest him, he will go into your profile and read everything that interests him.
  • A highlight. Your letter should be something to hook on so that he wants to get to know you better. Moreover, this requires a non-standard approach and a sense of humor. To find the topic for the very first conversation, you can pay attention to his photo or some facts from the profile. For example: “I could not pass by your questionnaire when I saw that we were born almost at the same time”, “I looked through users’ profiles, came across yours and I really liked your smile,” “It’s amazing that we have such a rare hobby, it is necessary to get known more closely ” and so on.

Do not be shy to make compliments to a man and flirt. The Internet space is good and that gives more opportunities to have the initiative in a relationship in your hands. Use these opportunities!