Diversify your Senior Relationship

Family life is a calm harbor. You still love and respect each other, but you still don’t like the current state of things. You are a senior and there is not enough fire, passion, which clouded your head, brought euphoria and made you insanely happy. Then everything seemed simple, and the future seemed bright. But time always takes its toll: when falling in love, you don’t get crazy from one word of loved one as it used to be. It’s all possible to try to return, but in any case everything won’t be like before. However, in the situation when you are over 50, there are also many advantages, it is only necessary to understand how to bring diversity into the relationship.

Words of love equally caress the hearing of both men and women, if they are uttered to those whom they love in mutuality. And how long ago did you confess your feelings to yourself, how did you appreciate it, how grateful you are for it, and when you gave gifts just to make him happy for a minute. Most likely, it happened a long time ago. And you probably already forgot what it’s like to be a value in the eyes of your senior man. Start with yourself, say the right words, do something for the sake of love, your example will be contagious for a loved one.

Being in front of the TV and sleeping in the same bed is not exactly right. You should have time when you are completely focused on the partner: walks, gatherings at the coffee table, trips for a few days outside the city. Only together and preferably without telephones. In the process, try to discuss only interesting and positive things. You can recall the past, everything that is related to your childhood or acquaintance.

Let such time spending became regular – at least one time per month. First, perhaps you cannot immediately ignore the problems, but in time these meetings will become for you a refuge from boredom and routine. Both of you will happily and impatiently wait for the moment when only two of you will exist in the whole world.

No one knows what is the length of senior life, and therefore one must be able to appreciate the present, not to slow down in the past and not to think too much about the future. Give each other a touch, tenderness, care. Often hug and kiss. You will not only improve relations, but also prolong each other’s life.

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